Our ultimate desire is to see lives changed by the Gospel.

With that said, we desire more than to just give a broad Gospel call, so that some are saved, many are confused and even more are left to the devil and His schemes. Therefore, we believe that evangelism and discipleship are best done in the context of relationships. This is one of our biblical convictions at VGC.

This past Sunday, a small group of our church gathered at 6:30 am to begin to pray for our community. By 7 am, we relieved 4 independent contractors with News Paper posts at major intersections. We resolved that we were going to purchase 230 Sunday papers and stand on the corner, work the post and give them away for free. I know, big deal, right?… For us it is because it fits into what we believe God is calling us to do in our city.


Low Risk & High Return

The News Paper “Blitz” was a way to serve our city in a way that required absolutely ZERO risk for those being ministered to. ZERO risk and High Return. What do I mean by “Low Risk & High Return?”

Low Risk & High Return for Them – 4 independent contractors who typically work about a 6-8 hour day in the blazing sun trying to sell news papers in the day of technology is no easy task. I mean, I was surprised with the amount of people that turned us down for free. Anyway, we paid these 4 individuals retail value for the papers and took their post and handed them out for free. Therefore, these contractors (locals) got a days wage within seconds and then got to take the rest of the day off or out hustling for a chance to double their money. Who knows. In addition to them, we were able to touch over 230 vehicles as we handed out each paper. Each paper had an “Invite Card” for VGC attached to it, so if these people have any interest in church/Jesus/Gospel/Service they have a way to contact us.Many pulled over to talk and a couple to even pray to say thank you. All were encouraged. Even more than that, the Tampa Bay Times (the distributor of the News Papers) were contacted us ahead of time to make sure they had no issues with us taking over their posts. In those conversations as well, all were encouraged. LOW RISK, meaning we didn’t ask them to commit to anything, sign up for anything or even give us their time. Most cars grabbed a paper and drive off. Simple.

Low Risk & High Return for Us – What this meant for our people is that there would be relatively low to no risk at all to hand something out for free, yet the return would be great meaning all that we do interact with will most likely take a free paper. The chances of neglect ion are low to none.

Why this type of philosophy?

We realize that people need to know you care before they care about who you are or what you are doing. These “Blitz” opportunities give our church an opportunity to get to know the city before we just assume the needs. It gets us out of the four walls to interact, see and watch what is happening. For example, one of the things that God opened my eyes to yesterday was the fact that these “independent contractors” for the Tampa Bay Times work their butts off. We were giving the papers away for free and that was pretty difficult at times. Many don’t even want to make eye contact with you, assuming you’re trying to seek something or maybe because they thought we were homeless. In fact, a person parked near one of teams offering food. These type of interactions give us eyes into our community and that is important if we have a desire to see change.

What you’re doing is just basically on the same level of social justice…

Yeah, I guess. Social justice isn’t bad. In fact, the church should be better at social justice that any other organization, but we are not. The problem is when the church stops at social justice and doesn’t utilize their insight and relationships to share the Gospel.

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