Back in February, as a church, we said that 2018 was going to be a “year of evangelism.”

Let me be clear though… and real… evangelism is something that every Christian should be involved in on some level. We do not need a fancy slogan or some big picture strategy to be involved in evangelism and live our lives on mission.

With that said, because of our bent towards sin and forgetfulness we constantly need reminders. One of the mantras of Vintage Grace from the beginning has been that we desire to see lives changed by the Gospel. Therefore, we ought to have some type of vision and mission in place for moving towards seeing accomplished what only God can do – but calls us to play a very significant role in.

This past Sunday I laid out and communicated the vision (a very succinct version) for outreach and evangelism over the next 9 months. I would encourage all of the church to listen to this message, as it sets the tone and gives us the foundation for why we are doing what we are doing. You can find the link below.

With that, here is a brief summary of where we are headed…

3 Phases

1st Phase – (May-July) The Blitz

THE NATURE OF THE BLITZ – For the first three months, we have strategically planned outreach opportunities that are LOW RISK, yet HIGH RETURN. This means that the person or people that we come into contact with during a blitz will require absolutely 0 commitment from that person. We are quickly touching them, serving them, giving them something without any type of expectation of anything in return. Examples of blitz opportunities are giveaways, random acts of kindness, handing out cold water on a hot summer afternoon.

THE PURPOSE OF THE BLITZ – Every acts of kindness and giveaway will strategically have something attached with a short and sweet message (e.g. from Vintage Grace Church). The purpose of the blitz is to just create a presence in our community. To say, “Hi, we are here and we want to serve you.” That’s all.

2nd Phase – (August – October) The Connection

THE NATURE OF THE CONNECTION – The connection phase is a season where we begin to take our “touches” from the blitz and turn them into a potential conversation. The purpose here is still NOT to ask for any type of commitment from the person, but simply to dialogue. Examples of the connection phase are things like a car wash, raking someones yard or serving a local nursing home in a practical way.

THE PURPOSE OF THE CONNECTION – The purpose of the connection phase is to move a touch to a conversation. All of the connection opportunities will provide the church a bridge to talk with a stranger for about 5-10 minutes. Again, as in phase one, we are strategically creating a presence with VGC t shirts or invite cards as we make these connections.

3rd Phase – (November – January) The Investment

THE NATURE OF THE INVESTMENT – The investment phase is where the church goes out on a limb, prays for God to materialize our efforts and hope for a positive response from our community. An example of this could be a neighborhood block party where we invite the neighborhoods we’ve “touched” and “connected” with to join us for a party or a cook out. We invite them to a Christmas Eve service. We invite them to join us for some type of gathering or get together.

THE PURPOSE OF THE INVESTMENT – The purpose of the investment phase is to move the connection to a commitment. Not a life long commitment, lol, but just commitment to come and see. Come and enjoy. Come and partake. Come and serve along side of us. Etc.


All of this ultimately is to see lives changed for the Gospel. We believe that evangelism and discipleship is primarily the most effective in relationship. Therefore, we want to recognize the mission before us, join Jesus on His mission and just as He was sent, we are now sent. Would you consider serving during these exciting seasons of movement and growth of Vintage Grace?

Listen to Sundays Message Here