1. I spend time with their mom. One of the best things I can do as a father is make sure that the foundation at home is solid…and that WILL NOT happen without Brooke and I spending time together. This is a non-negotiable.

2. I am at home with my family nearly every night. A ministry/work calendar does not dominate me…This is important. I have been around too many who – in the name of being successful – neglect their family for their work/ministry. Brooke and I, both, put our kids to bed almost every night.

3. I try to take each individual kid on a date as regularly as possible…and on those dates I actually talk to whichever kid I’m with. I do not put in a DVD for the drive to keep them occupied. I try my best to have conversations now while they are young, so that they will actually want to talk with me when they are sixteen.

4. We establish clear boundaries and enforce them. In other words…Brooke and I are the parents which actually means loving our kids enough to say “NO” to them at times. This means making decisions based on what is right, not based on emotions.

5. There are times when I come home after work and want to dive onto the couch and do nothing, but if I do that the kids will grow up seeing church and/or work taking the best part of my day (thus causing them to get the leftovers). Therefore I make sure to have family time as soon as I walk in the door.

6. We talk about God’s Word in our home.

7. We pray together every night. I always want our kids to remember that their parents made it a priority to pray with them. I’m not telling them to pray…I’m teaching them how.

Just a few thoughts.