We are 5 weeks into a study through the book of Nehemiah where we are focusing on one Big Picture. The way that you live reflects the God that you serve. There are a couple different facets to that truth if we think through it logically.

If the way that you live reflects the God that you serve, if you were to examine your life – could you honestly say that you serve the God of the Bible?

If the way that you live reflects the God that you serve, how then are you reflecting God?

Nehemiah heard about God’s people living in defeat and it cut him to the heart to the point of mourning and fasting for days. Nehemiah realized this truth – that the way that we live reflects the God that we serve. Nehemiah knew that God’s people living in defeat meant that the surrounding nations were looking on them with disgrace. Therefore, Nehemiah was burdened to do something about the situation. God gave Nehemiah eyes to see something that needed to be done and God was going to have to provide for him to be able to do anything, which is exactly what God does.

Without the provision of God, Nehemiah wouldn’t have been able to accomplish anything. He was a slave in Persia (over 1000 miles away) who was born in exile and had never even been to Jerusalem. God’s people at this time were so used to living in defeat that they had accepted it, but Nehemiah wasn’t going to just sit around. God moved him to do something about it.

Just a few things to think about as we continue to trek through this stellar book of the Bible…


  1. God has not called His people to live in defeat. He has called you to live in freedom. And if God is calling you to do something then He is going to have to provide all of the provisions to accomplish the mission being that we cannot do anything apart from Him.
  2. How are you living? How are you reflecting God? Are you reflecting His beauty? Or, are you living in defeat?
  3. Have you been living in defeat for so long that you have just accepted it? “Well, this is just how things are.”
  4. Many people saw that God’s people were living in defeat and probably said something of the sort – “Man, that’s a shame…someone ought to do something about that.” If God has given you eyes to see something that He is doing, He is most likely calling you to be a part of it. What has He shown you that you are not moving on or imposing on someone else to do?
  5. Everyone will not share the same burden that you have, which is why it’s so important for you to serve in the area that God is calling you. This is the picture of the church as a body and a family – everyone contributing where God has placed them.
  6. When you do begin to live in the freedom that God has called you to not everyone will be happy. In fact, there will always be people that try and discourage you.
  7. We need to have a big view of God, which births confidence in Him and subsequently moves us to act on what He is calling us to.