Don’t we have enough churches?

With over 50,000 people in Pinellas Park, we could plant 20 churches of over 1000 people each and still have a great need for more churches to reach our city.


Church planting is biblical

At the heart of Jesus’ Great Commission (Matt. 28:18-20) is His desire for His followers to make disciples of all nations. We see in Acts 2 that 3,000 people came to faith, and they began to gather as the church (Acts 2:42-46). By the time we get to Acts 13, we see the church of Antioch sending Paul and Barnabas to the cities in the Mediterranean region for the purpose of evangelistic church planting. In Acts 14:21, when Paul and Barnabas went into a particular city, they preached the gospel and people would respond. In 14:23, they appointed pastors over the churches for the continued spiritual growth and edification of the people, and then they moved on.


Why not revitalize?

Research shows that new churches grow 12 times faster than established churches! In fact, many denominational studies have confirmed that most members of a newly planted church have not been a part of any other congregation before. Therefore, new churches are reaching lost people.

On the other hand, churches that are over 10 to 15 years old gain 80–90% of new members by transfer from other congregations.

Moreover, statistically, the un-churched and the de-churched are more likely to step foot in a new church rather than an established church.


Why Pinellas Park?

Pinellas Park is one of the most densely populated cities tucked into the middle of the 17th largest metropolitan are in the United States.

With over 50,000 residents, 60% of them claim absolutely no religious affiliation. Out of the remaining 40% that do claim some type of religious affiliation only 10% are protestant.

Therefore, an extremely conservative estimation would be that there are over 40,000 people in the city of Pinellas Park who do not know the Lord.

We are committed to seeing a resurgence in Pinellas Park through the planting of churches rooted in the vintage, biblical faith.