Your biggest mission field is at home.

Many young moms have a growing guilt for their lack of involvement in “ministry” because they aren’t able to do as much as they’d like or feel called to do. Know this, as a young mom, your biggest mission field is your kids. Be a missionary to your kids. Do ministry in your home. It begins in the living room. Teach Bible in your home. Talk about Jesus in your home. Sing about the Gospel in your home. Your home is your biggest mission field. A great additional resource for this particular topic is MIssional Motherhood.


This season is just a season.

Don’t feel guilty for spending more time with your kids than you are able to give serving in the church. It is just a season. A purposeful season. When kids are young, they soak up every bit of knowledge that you give to them. Instead of leaving that task up to someone else, use this season to pour into the life of your kids. It is not the church’s job to disciple your kids, but that’s what God has called you to do. Be faithful in the season that God has you in.


Remember grace.

Parenting is not easy. In fact, there are some days that are just flat out hard. On those days where you just want to give up, remember grace. There is grace for you and for your kids. When you mess up and “fail as a mom,” give yourself grace. When your kids act their age, give them grace. A great additional resource on this particular topic is Give Them Grace.


A heart for the home.

If God has gifted you with a home, he wants you to love it. He wants you to cultivate it. He wants you to enjoy it. Have a heart for your home. When you do that, your home will become a fun place for the whole family, as well as your guests. It’s contagious when you walk into a home that you can tell the mom has a heart for. Is your home like that? Have a heart for your home. Be hospitable. Use your home that God has gifted to you to be a gift and a blessing to your kids and others. Show your kids that you don’t worship your home, but that you use your home for God’s glory.