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The Cost of Obedience, Guest Post by Amy Alamillo Siesel

What if I told you that obedience has less to do with rules and more to do with blessing? What if I told you that God asks us for obedience not because he wants to limit our enjoyment but because he wants us to experience more joy? You see, God doesn’t just ask for obedience because he wants to keep us from enjoying life, he asks us to obey him because he wants us to enjoy life more.

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Sola Gratia & Fide

In an age of corruption and false teaching, the Protestant Reformers returned to the Scriptures. There they found the way of salvation. Instead of indulgences, the Mass, relics, and other superstitions, they rediscovered the ancient way of salvation: the gospel.

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If I could say something to other Lead Pastors and their health as a leader.

Pastoral leadership is an interesting thing. It is a role that must be death with delicately. It is also the role that burns many bridges and builds others. I have stood on these burnt bridges. I have also been built up. My hope is that all pastors, young and old, church planter or mega-church pastor get these three priorities right in their own life.

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